It is great to be aware of the dangers and the waste involved with using disposable plastics but we also need healthy alternatives. At the Plastic Free Challenge we promote sustainable products and services that place a high standard on quality and care for life on earth. There are many things that you can do right away. Here are just a few ideas:


Get yourself a stainless steel or glass reusable bottle. Steel and glass are infinitely recyclable with a robust market.

Buy in bulk

Packaging is a major source of disposable plastic so bring your own containers and bags (cloth or canvas is best). If your supermarket doesn’t sell food in bulk, make the request or find a better market. Grocers actually do listen to their customers.

Did you know that you pay an extra 30% for food packaging that you only use once but never bio-degrades?

Get creative!


Dining Out: Pack “to go” containers to bring with you to restaurants and leave them in your vehicle. Keep a clean bag with a plate and utensils so you are ready to chow down. At first it can be awkward but it actually becomes fun with practice and a great conversation starter!


Most home-cooked food is more nutritious and delicious, and it is made with love. Pack your lunch and you will not only protect the environment but you’ll save a lot of money!

Share your opinion and get involved

Change.org is one of a number of great organizations available to people who want to make their voices heard by policy makers. There are dozens of petitions concerning plastic pollution and many other important issues - environmental and otherwise. The Plastic Free Challenge does not focus on politics, but rather personal responsibility and each persons ability and responsibility to lead by example. We educate the public about plastic pollution. Take action and get involved in whatever way suits you the best. 

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