The World is On Our Side is run by musicians and artists and creative people, and we aim to network with others who express creativity in unique ways. Let’s use our artistic expression to do some good in the world!

If you are a musician or you represent a band, or you are some other type of artist and you’d like to get involved with the Plastic Free Challenge, here’s how!

The formula...:

 The "sustainable selfie"

We post our photos or videos and challenge others to do the same, always tagging the Plastic Free Challenge social page(s) and/or using the hashtag #PlasticFreeChallenge. 

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The Water Bottle

Selfie campaign

happens every



Why Musicians?

Touring musicians use alot of gas to get from show to show but few make the connection that plastic as made from oil. Plastic is actually a big contributor to climate change. Plus chemicals in plastics cause endocrine disruption which is now being linked to many diseases. Our soil and oceans and the animals that we eat are becoming increasingly more toxic. We can lead by example and reduce how much disposable plastic we use and promote this to our fans. We can have a huge impact and reach a wide audience.  We can create a demand for sustainable products and services by spreading awareness.  We have this power and it is up to us. 


Not Just a photo opp:

Please understand that this is more than a mere photo opportunity and a chance to look good. It is about you making real life changes. That is why we call it a challenge. Things like bringing your own water bottle with you everywhere you go including shows, reusable shopping bags, your own take away containers and utensils, and remembering to say "no straw please" at the bar and at restaurants.  Make these sustainable habits part of your practice and include re-usable items with your gear. Think of this as a prideful responsibility and a tax for touring. 


These are the 4 mini-challenges: (Dates for each of these is being determined for 2018) 

The #WaterBottleSelfie, #BYObag, #BringYourOwn Containers & Utensils, and the #LastPlasticStraw.   

These 4 challenges ask you to lead by example and then publish photos and/or video to your fan-base to engage them in a conversation about sustainability.  

You can start practicing these habits now (as individuals and with your band) and even start to document your process. Perhaps just save images so we can post them during the campaigns in conjunction with all the other folks. And remember sometimes a photo of how you fail at avoiding plastic is more powerful than how you succeed.


In the works:

Currently we are working on the Eco-Songwriting challenge

We will host a challenge and contest to write environmentally themed songs

Want to write and record an environmentally themed original song or record a clever cover?  We can release and promote these songs together with a roster of musicians from around the world. Celebrity judges will select favorite submissions to be promoted and included in a downloadable compilation album.

This challenge is part of the Musicians challenges defined below. 

Use this video clip from Papa Muse's "We Pollute" as an example and inspiration!

Submit Your Song or Other Creative Work

Musicians should provide a sound recording or music video of an unreleased original song that you own. All submitted songs or creative works should highlight either the plastic pollution problem/solutions and/or similar environmental concerns or inspirations. If originals are not your thing, you are also welcome to record your own version of an existing environmentally themed song, but it is your responsibility to obtain legal copyright permissions for all "covers" recorded and submitted. 

We are in the process of figuring out the parameters and deadline for song submissions. We plan to release a compilation and have prizes and rewards and also raise money for environmental organizations. We are looking for eco-entrepreneurs to join our team and help build this annual eco-songwriting challenge. Email plasticfreechallenge@gmail.com for inquiries.  . 


All participation in our campaigns is voluntary, but when you sign up, you make a commitment. We work hard to promote your efforts and expect you to follow through with integrity and honor. It's ok to forget, it's even ok to fail, but we must try if we hope to preserve a livable future... 


You commit to take the Plastic Free Challenge. You avoid using unnecessary and single-use plastics and provide photos or videos to promote your efforts at your social media pages and tag the Plastic Free Challenge campaign. We also ask that you invite your fans to join you in taking the #PlasticFreeChallenge.

All "photos and videos, artwork, etc. that you share with your fans, should be posted publicly with appropriate tags #PlasticFreeChallenge and/or @Twioos


Step 1: Put out a post on your social media that you are taking the #PlasticFreeChallenge and invite others to join you.  

Giant Panda Gorilla Dub Squad leading by example!

Giant Panda Gorilla Dub Squad leading by example!

Step 2: There are Easy Action Mini-Challenges set up for the general public that happen at different times of the year. You can take these 4 challenges and help us promote them. For example one mini-challenge is called the “#WaterBottleSelfie.” While selfies may be considered narcissistic by some, we flip that meaning and use them to promote sustainability and raise awareness. We ask all participating artists who take the Plastic Free Challenge to take at-least one selfie with a sustainable water bottle (preferably metal or glass) and post it during this mini-challenge. You will be instructed and coached through the entire campaign as needed. 

Suggested Script for water bottle selfie"Hello we're Giant Panda Gorilla Dub Squad and we are taking the Plastic Free Challenge! We are in Syracuse NY tonight at the Palace Theatre and we're taking a Water Bottle Selfie with our reusable water bottles because we're done with the disposable plastic ones that pollute and poison our environment. How about you?"

There are four mini challenges. We take on one habit at a time. 

For bonus points: Make public announcements from stage at shows and offer and supply the PFC hand flyer to fans at your merchandise table. We also have PFC social media images and a downloadable poster in a public media pack folder that you can utilize if you want.

Networking Challenge:  ENLIST other Performers/Artists

Invite and enroll other recording artists or creatives to take part in this campaign. 

Feeling lazy? You can personalize and use this letter to draft other artists that we’ve already written for you. Help us grow this online campaign  and international community of environmental creatives. To successfully complete this challenge you are required to enroll at-least one other artist or band to sign up and submit a creative contribution to the PFC campaign. 

Please review our Guidelines for Submissions below and sign up to be a Sponsoring Green Musician or Artist now:

Musician and Artist
Sign Up Form

By choosing any of the options below, you are providing a pledge to complete your chosen challenge(s). 

Contact Information
Contact Name *
Contact Name
Country, State, City
TAKE THE CHALLENGE AND PROVE IT: I/we, hereby, take the Plastic Free Challenge by actively avoiding single-use plastics and participating in the current mini-challenge and posting sustainable selfie photos or videos at my/our fan social media pages and tagging the Plastic Free Challenge campaign.
SUBMIT A SONG: I accept the Green Musicians Challenge to submit an unreleased and original environmentally themed song for use by the Plastic Free Challenge social media campaign. A clever cover will also be acceptable.
DRAFT OTHER ARTISTS: I accept the Musicians and Artists Challenge to draft other performers and/or artists.
Terms and Conditions
I agree to hold harmless The Plastic Free Challenge and The World Is On Our Side and The Big Mouth Presents or any of it's team members or affiliates for any reason as a result of my participation in this campaign. *
By entering your information and filling out this form, you assert that you have read and agree to our Terms and Guidelines for Submissions which are written below this form. *

Terms and Guidelines for song Submissions:

All submissions to the Plastic Free Challenge (PFC) campaign should be unique original unreleased works (unless otherwise discussed) to be used freely by the Plastic Free Challenge to promote you, other submitting artists and the contest. Your song needs to, be released in coordination with our organization during the PFC Green Musicians Eco-Songwriting Contest (date to be determined shortly.)  

Helping it go viral: Your submissions will be used partially to drive web traffic to the PFC social media pages and should not be released to other outside websites or mediums unless approved by the PFC, until after our dated campaign event expires. At your websites, we ask that you direct your fans and promote a link to the PFC web URL’s for them to see and hear all of the songs in one place. We want you to also provide us a music video or even a simple still photo with your song to get maximum exposure. Please coordinate with us which image(s) you want to use with your song at the time of your submission. We can provide a Google drive folder for means of transfer.   

We ask that you provide a link to www.PlasticFreeChallenge.org or tag our social media pages www.Facebook.com/theplasticfreechallenge and/or @Twioos on Twitter and Instagram and use the hash tag #PlasticFreeChallenge and/or @Twioos in all public posts used to promote your song/content during the PFC event.

When to start promoting

We ask that you start promoting your participation with the PFC Green Musicians Songwriting Contest at a specified date to be announced. We are still developing the campaign and determining the best "release" date for our music. We will strategically release stimulating content and promote one another and sustainability. If we all promote this campaign correctly, it will go viral.

Embedding our Links

If you have a song or artwork to submit to us we ask that you embed our hashtag #PlasticFreeChallenge in it.  We ask this of you so that when people share your video or audio file, the PFC campaign and its message will still be promoted.

Song Stipulations

A submitted song must either have lyrics or a visual written narrative that is environmentally themed. Your song can highlight either the problems with plastic and/or the solutions, or other similar ecology related themes. Just get as close as you can to the aim of the campaign. 


We are seeking sponsors and celebrities to help expose this campaign. Prizes to be announced shortly.  


You will maintain rights to your song submissions but will allow the Plastic Free Challenge to post and share your offered content for the duration of the campaign.

Once you have signed up you will be contacted by a liaison from the Plastic Free Challenge who will assist you throughout the process.

Sales and fund-raising for like minded charities

Goals:  We hope to provide an online store, and/or affiliate marketing to sell your music and other artistic submissions. We will encourage customers to donate and/or round up payment amounts to help fund their choice of several worthy environmental charities that we are working with. Musicians and artists that submit sell-able content, will be able to choose to participate in our compilation and/or donate some, or all of the proceeds. Price and conditions will be contracted between us prior to the sale of your creative content. 

We need your participation and contributions to make this event a success. If you have any further questions or need clarification please email PlasticFreeChallenge@gmail.com