Why do we focus on plastic and what is the Plastic Free Challenge?

Plastic never bio-degrades and disrupts our endocrine system, and is suspected to cause cancer, infertility, and many other diseases. The Plastic Free Challenge is designed to raise awareness and promote solutions. The campaign is fueled by creative contributions and your participation. We endorse sustainability by publicly posting selfies and other clever and inspiring images to our social media feeds and challenging others to do the same. We use the hash tag #PlasticFreeChallenge to tie it all together. We lead by example and influence our circle of friends.   


Challenge yourself to avoid using single-use plastics during our social media campaigns and ongoing. And document your process  by posting on social media to spread the word! #PlasticFreeChallenege 


The initial PFC social media campaign launched on Earth Day on April 22nd, 2016. We now promote different mini-challenges throughout the year. 


Document your creative solutions to living without single-use plastic and post them on social media using the tag #plasticfreechallenge. If you are a musician, artist, or other creative type you can show off your skills by creating a piece that highlights the mission of the Plastic Free Challenge and send it to us or tag us on social media. Learn more about Musician and Artist Challenges.



Everyone is encouraged to take the Plastic Free Challenge and to participate in corresponding social media campaigns. We also hope to get artists, musicians, other creatives, and social influencers to take the challenge and lead the way to help spread the word to their fan bases. We are currently collecting original artwork, photos, memes, videos, poetry, and unreleased music that is intended to increase web traffic to further this worthy cause. 


Plastic never bio-degrades so every piece ever made lasts forever! Massive quantities of disposable plastic pose a serious threat to our health and future generations, but we can make a huge difference if we come together and act now.

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest problems we face as a species. Petroleum based plastics pollute the air, water, and food we need to survive. The Plastic Free Challenge is an effort to demonstrate to the world that we do not need to rely on disposable plastics. Take the challenge by refusing single-use plastics, knowing that you are acting as a positive example and influence to others.

We ask you to document and share your personal experience of refusing single use plastics, and your use of earth friendly alternatives instead. These experiences, documented with photos, videos, art pieces, music, and other creative means, will be shared on our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram pages.

If you are a Musician or Artist and want to create content for this campaign to be displayed and promoted please review the Green Musicians and Artists page or email us. 

Thank you for standing with us in this gesture to change irresponsible consumption patterns and demonstrate that we can provide eco-friendly alternatives and create a more sustainable world. 

Let’s lead by example and show the world what sustainable living looks like.

In my personal experience, once I made the choice and the effort to start avoiding single-use plastic, I became hyper aware of how much I was using. Now, with every plastic bag or spoon that I refuse, I make it a point to explain why I’m choosing not to use disposable plastic. Through this effort, and with the support of caring like minded people, the message has been spreading. It is my belief that by challenging thousands of people to avoid single-use plastic,we can raise awareness, introduce bio-friendly products and alternatives, and force political pressure for a more sustainable future.

-Way Papa Muse

Does your restaurant or pub give out plastic straws? Straws by by request only campaign.

If you own or manage a restaurant or a pub or know someone who does, simply ask them to only supply customers with a plastic straw upon request. Very few people ask for them or miss them. And as a customer remember to say #NoStrawPlease.  

You can also download and print the posters and table tents shown below from the Plastic Free Challenge public Google folder

Just click on the blue text link above, download the images you want and send to your local print shop. Table tents are 4 on a page and designed on 11x17" paper (use cardstock), and you will want to cut them in half on the white line and fold them so they stand up.

Download Straw Poster FB post.jpg


EASY ACTION MINI CHALLENGES   to help direct traffic  

Looking to get involved but don't know how to get started? These Easy Action Mini Challenges will allow the whole Plastic Free Challenge community to act in solidarity.

 Snap a selfie holding your reusable water bottle & challenge your friends to do the same & use #PlasticFreeChallenge.and #RefillRevolution in your post.  Check out our gallery of fun #WaterBottleSelfies from 2016 for fun and creative ideas:  www.plasticfreechallenge.org/water-bottle-selfies-2016

Snap a selfie holding your reusable water bottle & challenge your friends to do the same & use #PlasticFreeChallenge.and #RefillRevolution in your post.

Check out our gallery of fun #WaterBottleSelfies from 2016 for fun and creative ideas: www.plasticfreechallenge.org/water-bottle-selfies-2016

 Like to draw or want to get your kids excited about ecology? Draw Twioos the Turtle, the eco-superhero, making an impact!

Like to draw or want to get your kids excited about ecology? Draw Twioos the Turtle, the eco-superhero, making an impact!

Our annual water bottle selfie campaign every summer!

Take fun photos with your reusable water bottle to lead by example and promote sustainability.  

Please post your photo on social media with your own bottle and also this text:

I'm taking @thePlasticFreeChallenge [be sure it's a link], how about you? Let's see your reusable bottle! Post a water bottle selfie to your own wall set to public (on Facebook) with the hashtags #RefillRevolution and #PlasticFreeChallenge

Maija Cantori from Ithaca NY cooling down.